Green Cleaning

Nose Friendly

GreenEarth solution is clear and has absolutely no odor, so your clothes smell fresh and clean, not “dry cleaned”.

Skin Friendly

Allergies or sensitive skin? No worries. GreenEarth is non-allergenic and non-irritating. So safe that you could even rub it on your skin.

People Friendly

GreenEarth is safe to work with, safe to dispose of and safe to breathe. It’s good for people, clothes and the planet. 

For years, there has been no choice but to clean clothes in solvents which have been based on carbon chemistry. Now, there is a new solvent, liquid silicone. Unlike current solvents, it’s a solution that is not based on carbon chemistry. So safe, it’s not regulated by EPA, and is not a concerned issue with OSHA.

The reason? Sand. That’s what GreenEarth® solvent is made from. Simple sand — no perc, no petroleum. So there’s no risk to the air, water or people. GreenEarth® Cleaning LLC has patented the process which uses this exciting solution. Two of the world’s largest companies, General Electric and Proctor & Gamble are Members of GreenEarth® Cleaning in providing the solution around the world.

The future of dry cleaning

GreenEarth® is the environmental solution used in our dry cleaning process — it is biodegradable, non-toxic and odorless leaving your garments feeling softer, smelling fresher, looking brighter, and lasting longer.

The GreenEarth Cleaning solvent used to dry clean your clothes is chemically inert. This means it does not chemically interact with your clothes in any way. Rather, it carries detergent to your clothes and rinses away suspended dirt and oils trapped by the detergent. Because it is chemically inert, it is more gentle on your clothes. Wools do not come out looking “washed out,” dry, or full of static. Silks and acetates are treated more gently. Colors remain bright and intact since there is no chemical reaction with the solution. Dry cleaners who have seen the GreenEarth system in operation say the garments come out looking like they have been “in a mineral bath,” with a soft and gentle feel, and with very little wrinkling.The solvent is safe for all buttons and trim of any kind. This makes the processing of your special clothes easier with no special handling. You will see better service and less problems with buttons being damaged.

And of course, GreenEarth Cleaning is better for you because “it’s good for everybody.” You can be assured that your GreenEarth Cleaner is a safer cleaner — for you, for your garments, for your employees, and for our environment.

To Learn more about the GreenEarth Cleaning solution click here.

Wet Cleaning

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, wet cleaning is the safest professional method of garment cleaning available. At Fabricare Center, our professional wet cleaning process uses special biodegradable detergents and fresh water to clean almost all garments that can be dry cleaned. Depending on the number and type of items, our computerized washing machines control the amount of water, soap, agitation and even the humidity that each load receives. After your items are clean, our specialized dryers gently tumble garments at specific temperatures for set periods of time.

How will my clothes turn out?

Clothes that have been wet cleaned have a softer look and feel (and a much better smell) than clothes that have been dry cleaned, and the process can even be used with fabrics such as wools, silks, rayon and linen that require special treatment. After wet cleaning, your garments are hand-pressed and beautifully finished by our experienced pressers.

How did wet cleaning start?

Technically, you could say people have been wet cleaning for as long as they’ve been wearing and washing their clothes. Professional wet cleaning technology was first developed in Germany in the early 1990s, and it was brought to the United States shortly after. Today, the wet cleaning process is used by thousands of cleaners across the country, and dozens of companies manufacture wet cleaning equipment and detergents.


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