Condo Delivery

Why Fabricare Center?

Free Pickup & Delivery

Fabricare Center provides free pickup & delivery 5 days a week, with next business day delivery.


Use the service at your office or home. We will inform you of the current status of your order by email.

Dry Cleaning & Laundry

Save time by taking one more thing off your to-do list. No more rushing to get to the dry cleaners before they close.


With no extra cost to you, what could be better?

Turnaround Time: 1  Business Days*

*Orders placed in a locker by 9:00 am, Monday – Friday, will be picked up that day
and delivered back to you next business days**.

**Please note that some specialty items such as: household, alterations,
shoe shine and leather & suede, may take additional time.

How it Works

1. Sign-Up

Complete the sign-up online and print the welcome email for your first order.

2. Fill Your Fabricare Garment Bag

Place any garments you would like cleaned, pressed or washed and folded in your bag and drop off in your condos designated location (remember to include your bag tag for your first order.)

3. Electronic Tracking

We label your garments with a discreet barcode for electronic tracking. This allows us to easily keep track of your garments.

4. Online Account

Check your order status through your online account.

5. Delivery

You will receive your items the very next business day from your concierge.

First Time User?

Register online. Leave your clothes in any bag marked with your name, phone number and email.

Try out Fabricare Center now!
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Property Manager, Building Owner?

Have a apartment or condo building that needs our service. If we don’t currently service your condo or company, simply fill in the request form below, and we will contact you to arrange a 15 minute meeting. During that meeting you can decide if Fabricare Center is right for you and your residents, and receive the materials you need to get started.  Yes, it’s that easy!